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What to do after achieving Yellow Belt level?

Excellent, you have completed Yellow Belt training. But this was ‘only” theory. Now you have to put these skills into practice. As indicated before, the Yellow Belt level is meant for employees or team leaders who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. After this, you will cooperate on a project, or you will continue on with Green Belt or Black Belt training. In short, you must now acquire practical experience.

What does a Yellow Belt do?

A Yellow Belt knows what Lean Management and Six Sigma entail. He/she recognizes the different tools and knows which traps to look out for when carrying out improvement. The Yellow Belt is not, however, the person leading a Lean Six Sigma project: he cooperates with others on such a project and supports the project leader. He can, for example, organize a Value Stream Map session together with the project leader. During such a session, all redundant steps in a process (waste) are mapped.
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