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Certification organisations

Which organisations provide Lean Six Sigma certification?

There has been an incredible growth in terms of the number of organisations which provide (inter)national standards for Lean Six Sigma training. The following is an independent overview of the most recognized organisations which have set these standards:


ASQ, the American Society for Quality, is one of the world’s biggest independent organisations which provide standards of quality. ASQ is active in more than 140 countries, setting standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 26000 and ISO 14001. ASQ provides (online) tests of Lean Six Sigma. After you have passed such a test, you will receive an ASQ certificate. More than 150.000 people have taken this test via ASQ. For the Yellow Belt, ASQ provides an online course. After participation, you receive a “certificate of completion”.


IASSC, the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, is the only organization which does not provide training or advice in terms of Lean Six Sigma. The IASSC only deals with the international standards for the Lean Six Sigma community. IASSC features a 1,5 hour long exam for Yellow Belts with 60 multiple choice questions. You can complete such an exam at one of the 8.000 exam centers worldwide. If you pass the exam, you receive an IASSC certificate.


The Lean Six Sigma Academy is an initiative by commercial service provider Symbol BV. This is a less well-known and less widely accepted standard than the ones above. LSSA also provides an online Yellow Belt exam featuring 45 multiple choice questions. If you score at least 29, you receive a certificate.
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