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Exam questions

Are you planning to take a Yellow Belt exam and would you like some practice? We have collected a number of Yellow Belt exam questions for you here. They have been taken from a number of different existing Yellow Belt exams. Try to answer these questions before looking at the answers. Do you have any questions about these answers, or do you not understand how to get to a particular answer?
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1. Which of these tools is used in the analytical phase of the DMAIC?

a. Hypothesis testing
b. Analysis of variance
c. Paired t-test
d. Regression analysis

2. What is a Yamazumi chart? (describe in max. 50 words)

3. If you wish to compare the ‘on time delivery’ in % of 4 team leaders and their teams, you use:

a. Hypothesis Testing
b. Histograms
c. Pareto chart
d. Box Plots


1. A
2. The Yamazumi chart shows a bar chart that tells the balance of cycle time workloads between employees in a production line.
3. D

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