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Lean Six Sigma for dummies

Lean Six Sigma for Dummies
Title: Lean Six Sigma for dummies
Authors: John Morgan and Martin Brenig-Jones

The for-dummies series is not usually one of my favourites. Due to the title and the rather loud layout, it is reminiscent of American management jargon and appears to contain little depth. A little while back, however, I was ‘forced’ to read Lean Six Sigma for dummies for an accreditation. In the end, it turned out better than expected.
Who reads this? The book is meant for managers who may be confronted with Lean Six Sigma, for example because their firm or government institution is incorporating it. The book will allow you to discuss Lean Six Sigma in a short period of time, as well as to discuss the most important tools and principles.
Is it a good book? Lean Six Sigma for dummies turns out to be an accessible book which raises enthusiasm for Lean Six Sigma through practical examples. It has an easy writing style and is provided with many illustrations and tables. It’s ideal to quickly look up a particular subject or read through a chapter.
Are there downsides?
 Of course. For someone with a lot of practical experience, the book provides little depth. For someone without experience, it is not concrete enough to be put into practice. Nonetheless, it is a decent book, particularly considering that Lean Six Sigma for dummies counts far less pages than two similar books, Lean for dummies and Six Sigma for dummies. I also read Lean for dummies, for example, and this book featured more concrete tips for managers who do want to put this into practice.
And so… 
Lean Six Sigma is a nice book for the busy manager who wants to participate in a discussion of the hype and the subject. If you want to put things into practice, however, look into which for-dummies book matches your requirements the most closely, since reading three books which overlap is a waste. And this is exactly what we mean to eliminate.